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BOHICA Sessions

Hey Gang! Well, it's after Christmas, and we've all been spending time with family and friends. We've eaten too much, laughed too much and have enjoyed each other's company. Now, we're back at the studio, writing songs and getting back to it. The tunes are pouring out of us like crazy. BOHICA XVII came quickly, and we're even done with XVIII with XIV very close behind.

This volume features brand new songs and a couple of tunes from the past. This new volume brings our total count of 119 all-original songs released since the start of the BOHICA project in February of 2016. Not bad for a bunch of hippies. As always, BOHICA showcases the writing talents of Amos Staggs, Earl Musick and Mark Merritt along with our usual crew of very dedicated musicians: HUGE shout out to Will Featherstone, Mick Morrow, Peggy Lutrell-Martindale and Darlina Musick for helping us make it all worthwhile. And our heartfelt gratitude goes to our beloved wives/girlfriends and husbands/boyfriends and significant others along with many assorted fine folks who grace us with their company and encouragement.

Seriously, if you’d like to come visit, give us a jingle. (Just please give us plenty of time to pick the place up a bit.)

We'd like to take the opportunity to remind you that all of the BOHICA volumes are certified as 'smoke' friendly. It's killer stoner music.

So, please have a listen, download, copy and share with family, acquaintances, friends (real or imaginary) and any other living being willing to lend us their ears. Besides, it's F'n Free!


Click on the BOHICA image above (or below) to go to the BOHICA Session site. Or you can simply go to Listen to the tunes, download 'em, share 'em, burn 'em, pirate them - it's entirely* up to you. Sky's the limit, here. But the basic gist is listen to it - like it? Share it! Repeat. Hey, it's FnFree.

Oh yes, you bet your sweet fanny that we've already started BOHICA volume XVII - we can't stop ourselves. Really. We need help. #BOHICA #FnFree


Mark Merritt Earl Musick Amos Staggs BOHICA Musick & Merritt Jeff Prince Charlie Mitchell Prince Rodriguez