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The brain-child of the semi-warped minds of our very own Earl Musick and Amos Staggs, BOHICA Session aims to do two things: Firstly, it's a method of of quickly recording new songs in a demo-style setting (while retaining the coolness of it all.) Secondly, it provides the mechanism to get the songs to their respective audiences quickly. Why? Because we can, that's why. And because we like doing stuff. Cool stuff.

We've somehow managed to bamboozle the talents of several other supremely talented and hard-working musicians to take part in our little endeavour (at little to no cost to us) with the promise of vast fame and glory that will surely be recorded in history, because it IS that cool. Oh, and they get the rights to claim that they were there.

Keep an eye (and two ears) out for the latest of the BOHICA sessions. It'll be way. past. cool.

Just click on each volume number to hear the songs from each one. Youu can stream the tunes, or download 'em to your heart's content. And hey... it's FnF *.

* Notice: When we mean "free" we mean free to download, copy, share, etc. for personal use. This is NOT a public-domain license. Please contact for permission and license to use in other works of art. You may NOT use any song for political purposes, advertising or for ANY for-profit scenarios without express written consent and proper licensing from Reload Record Company. Don't make us sic the lawyers on ya. Other than that, enjoy the tunes!

BOHICA Session I 1. Raz-a-ma-taz
2. Eddie Joe Graft
3. Little White Lies
4. Bye, I'm Gone
5. Playing the Game
6. Loving You too Much
7. Stay the Course

BOHICA Session II 1. Devil Dog Road
2. Third Rock
3. The Other Side
4. Planet B
5. If I'm Dreaming
6. Rufus
7. Home in My Heart

BOHICA Session III 1. Angelina Dance
3. Mad as Hell
4. Barely Talk
5. Undone
6. Great Divide
7. Watered Down, Washed Up

BOHICA Session IV 1. Thinkin' About You
2. Never Been Run to Run
3. Dixie Drive
4. Triflin' State of Mind
5. Homeless In Heaven
6. No Damage Done
7. Fort Worth

BOHICA Session V 1. Hold On
2. Something Made of Leather
3. Time Keeps Slipping Away
4. Wheels Are Coming Off
5. Our Own Way
6. Feel Good Bad
7. Blused Me Away

BOHICA Session VI 1. Be My Girl
2. Pass It Along
3. If I Had a Nickel
4. She Loves the Devil Out of Me
5. Custer's Last Stand
6. Hook, Line and Singer
7. Can't Walk Away

BOHICA Session VII 1. Good Up in Here
2. All Wrapped Up
3. Little Rock
4. Lines On My Face
5. Hell Bent and Happy
6. Never Run Away
7. Stop the End

BOHICA Session VIII 1. Levi
2. Tight Shoes
3. Beside Myself
4. Funky Avenue
5. Nothing on the Table
6. Pair of Fools
7. Way Past Cool

BOHICA Session IX 1. Run, Hide or Fight
2. Hammer Fell
3. It'll Take a Little While
4. Eyes Wide Open
5. Get My Message Through
6. Five Miles Over Texas
7. Chorus Lost

BOHICA Session X 1. Rock and Let It Roll
2. Sad Affair
3. Broke Tooth Betty
4. Lie a Little Closer to the Truth
5. Miss D
6. Money
7. Great Unknown

2. I'll Stand Ready
3. Truth
4. Rock-n-Rolla
5. Tequila Rose
6. Big Wind
7. Redneck Getaway

BOHICA Session XII 1. Texas Moon
2. Won't Take It Back
3. On Your List
4. On Our Own
5. Get Yourself Ready
6. Salvation
7. I Got You

BOHICA Session XIII 1. Here to There
2. I Don't Blame You
3. Cost Of Love
4. Mighty High and Mighty
5. Getting Over You
6. Stay Awhile
7. Used to Get It On

BOHICA Session XIV 1. Oh My My
2. It Hurts
3. Swing It High
4. Forever In Love
5. Last Good Friend
6. Ain't Been That Bad
7. Desperate Man

BOHICA Session XV 1. Apologize
2. We
3. Do or Die
4. Split the Log
5. Move Away from the Gun
6. Safe At Home
7. Bad Dreams

BOHICA Session XVI 1. No Guarantee
2. First Think Twice
3. Mojo Fina
4. Winners Go On Stage
5. Give an Old Boy a Break
6. Wish I'd Knowed

BOHICA Session XVII 1. Go and Be That Way
2. Believe
3. Don't Feel Safe These Days
4. Driving In Traffic
5. Spend A Little Time With Me
6. Unaware
7. Promise Bound

BOHICA Session XVIII 1. Get Out of Your Own Way
2. Next Fool
3. Deadheadin'
5. Molly and Beaudreaux
6. Sad Sad Time
7. Darlina

BOHICA Session XIX 1. Bad Woman Song
2. Long Way Down
3. Little By Little
4. American Dream
5. Real Task at Hand
6. Where I'm Supposed to Be
7. Lady Has Class

BOHICA Session XX 1. Ain't Got Much Chance
2. Winner Take All
3. Radical Difference
4. Note Not Dash
5. Promises Written in Sand
6. Land of Injustice
7. Powerful

BOHICA Session XXI 1. Upside Down
2. Fair Fight
3. So Long Dry
4. San Antone
5. Side By Side
6. Cherokee Rose
7. Atmosphere