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Jeff Prince - "Hey Love" - Produced by James Michael Taylor

I WALKED TEN MILES © 2003 Jeff Prince Click for streaming audio

Fort Worth Texas general store, 1963
I was wearing denim overalls, buying corn and cotton seed
The girl behind the counter was an angel in disguise
I said, “My name is Charlie Walker, I turned 18 today
Hey, do you think maybe you and me could go out on a date?”
She didn’t have a telephone so she wrote her address down
That night my old truck wouldn’t start but I just had to get to town
I walked ten miles in pouring rain

Her name was Penny Tucker, I knew that had to change
In the summer of ‘64, I offered her my ring
When the preacher asked me, “Do you take this lovely bride
To have and hold always?”
I just had to smile
I walked ten miles in pouring rain

You and I had something everybody else was wanting
You and I had something poets try to write
When I look into your face I say a little grace
And praise the light
I will love you till the sun becomes as dark as night

The baby came in ‘65, a tender little thing
But my Penny did not survive, that’s the hell God can bring
Heard the thunder crashing overhead
Saw the sky on fire
Buttoned up my overcoat, pulled my hat down to my eyes
And walked ten miles in pouring rain

There goes Crazy Charlie shuffling down the square
All he ever wants are pennies to buy a quart of beer
No, don’t know where he comes from
Hell, he hardly says a word
One day I asked him what he’d ever done
And ‘ol Charlie flipped me the bird and said
“I walked ten miles in pouring rain”






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