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Jeff Prince - "Hey Love" - Produced by James Michael Taylor

HONEY CHILD © 2005 Jeff Prince and James Michael Taylor Click for streaming audio

I see your eyes inquiring without a word
Will I stick around or fly like a bird?
Baby, Iíll stay a while
Youíre my Honey Child

Silhouettes colliding, luminescent sparks
Crazy hoof beats pounding trailblazing hearts
Letís ride in style this winding mile
Youíre my Honey Child

Shattered but confident, broken but strong
This could be foolish, but it cannot be wrong

Tossed here together under diamond skies
You hold my breath, girl, in your loving eyes
Letís dance a while, like silk on Spanish tile
Youíre my Honey Child

Some are born to fortune, some will rise to fame
Weíre just candles burning, Lord, feel the flame
Tuned in to your smile, youíre top of the dial
Youíre my Honey Child






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