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Jeff Prince - "Hey Love" - Produced by James Michael Taylor

WHEN WE HAD LOVE © 2003 Jeff Prince Click for streaming audio

Silence, sadness, this house is such a mess
Broken dust-covered love
Cold floors, closed doors, rooms filled with metaphors
Darkness covers your face
Empty, aimless, this house is such a mess
Angry lines on the wall
Windows, walkways, wallpapered memories
Falling crumbling from grace

When we had love this house used to shine
Used to sparkle at night
When we had love this house was so strong
Couldnít knock it down, no
Thunder and rain fell by the way
And the fire was warm
Letís turn back the time to when we had love

Landslide, lamplight, this house is such a fright
Donít know where to begin
Lonesome, loveless, this house is in distress
Donít know where it will end






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