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Jeff Prince - "Hey Love" - Produced by James Michael Taylor

SANGRIA MARIA © 2004 Jeff Prince, Earl Musick, Darlina Musick Click for streaming audio

Bring a bottle of Sangria, Maria, meet me down in Market Town
Wear your party dress, the one I like the best
We’ll turn every head around
We can dance under starry skies to the mariachi sound
This day will be so good, grab a bottle if you would of Sangria, Maria

Just made my bail, three months in jail, I want to see ya
Missed you so much, dreamed of your touch, I want to see ya, Maria

I lost control, God help my soul I want to see ya
Out of my mind, I crossed the line I want to see ya, Maria

They took me away, my debt is paid, I want to see ya
Thinking of you helped pull me through I want to see ya
Dreamed of this day, don’t make me pay I want to see ya, Maria






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