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Jeff Prince - "Hey Love" - Produced by James Michael Taylor

LOST LOVE GOING DOWN © 2003 Jeff Prince Click for streaming audio

Yesterdayís newspaper is yellow
Ink stains on the ground (Trying to forget)
Trying to forget the echoes
Swirling round and round (Iím on a ledge Iím on a beach)
Iím on a ledge Iím on a beach
You wave your hand across the street
I hear a rumble underground
I light a match and look around
My ears crater to the sound of a lost love going down

Moon weeping on the willow
Thunder shakes the night (Hear the pitter patter of the rain)
Rain rapping on the window
Shutting out the light (Iím falling, Iím falling)
Iím on a roller coaster ride
The track is twisted, torn and tied
Cars hurtle to the ground
Crumble in a dusty mound
My ears crater to the sound of a lost love going down

Everything will get better, forget I ever met her
You can take it to the bank, you can cut it with a knife
Everybodyís heart gets broken once or twice
Everythingíll get better, itíll be a red-letter day soon

Morning tiptoes into sunlight
Bursts into a song (itís Mother Natureís Reveille)
Pulls me from the slumber shadow
Keeps me moving on (the wind is calling out her name)
I drink a beer I shave my face
Pull up my boots and join the race
Running as I hit the ground
I stumble in the Lost and Found
My ears crater to the sound of a lost love going down
Of a lost love going down

Itís all better in a dream
Itís all better than it seems
Never mind me if I scream
Of a lost love going down






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