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Jeff Prince - "Hey Love" - Produced by James Michael Taylor

HEY LOVE! © 2005 Jeff Prince Click for streaming audio

On a magic night, dancers swaying
Band is playing “Harvest Moon”
One and one are two, that’s enough for me and you
Hold on tight on a magic night

On a magic night of champagne and roses
Romantic poses fan the flame
Tighter than a glove, call it luck or call it love
We’re in flight on a magic night

Hey love! Hey love! Love’s singing in a breeze
Hey love! Hey love! Love’s come for you and me
Hey love! Hey love!

On a magic night when the fire is ember
We remember every kiss
One and one are three
Now it’s you, a child, and me
We’ll be all right on a magic night
On a magic night we waltz and we tango
In sheets all a-tangle we’re angels…






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