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 earl musick lyrics

Duck and Cover

Privateer Privateer

Done Deal Done Deal

1. Had Enough 1. San Antone 1. Fine Time Tonight
2. Swa-Ta 2. Hell Bent And Happy 2. A Good Thing Just Got Better
3. Our Own Way 3. Lines On My Face 3. Endless Winds
4. All Wrapped Up 4. Hook, Line & Singer 4. Caught in The Middle
5. Custer's Last Stand 5. Texas Moon 5. Seasons
6. Razz-a-ma-tazz 6. Forever In Love 6. American Dreamer
7. Burrough's Blues 7. Santa Cruz 7. Together
8. Molly and Beadreaux 8. Promise Bound 8. Time Keeps Slipping Away
9. I Got You 9. Nothin' Halfway (Henry) 9. Luv Me Up
10. One Horse Town 10. Bye, I'm Gone 10. Make Your Choice
11. She Loved The Devil Out Of Me 11. Bright And Shiny Blues 11. Doing Things
12. Darlina 12. It'll Take A Little While  
  13. Fort Worth  


Check out the new video of Burrough's Blues from Earl's newest album, "Duck & Cover"

Click for video!

(.mpg - 33 mb)

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